2017 Goals & Objectives

Heighten awareness and enthusiasm for AFVs and advanced technology vehicles

  • Showcase available local AFV options and local refueling locations
  • Present economic advantages
  • Focus attention on the environmental benefits of AFVs and advanced technology vehicles
  • Highlight successful AFV user experiences
  • Promote clean-fueled and energy efficient vehicles as a practical choice for consumers
  • Spread message through additional national media exposure for National AFV Day Odyssey and its mission

Strengthen partnerships among industry-related organizations

  • Encourage selected partners to participate and promote the use of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles through National AFV Day Odyssey
  • Initiate collaboration between partners and inform them of Odyssey’s overall goals and desired outcomes to perpetuate further success
  • Emphasize the support of the NAFTC and other Odyssey partners and sponsors to the AFV industry
  • Increase unity among AFV industry players by providing a platform through National AFV Day Odyssey for further dialogue and collaboration

Establish the role of the NAFTC and our partners and sponsors as leaders in the AFV industry

  • Showcase the AFV expertise and success of the NAFTC and its Odyssey partners
  • Feature the importance of the innovations developed by the NAFTC and its nationwide member network, U.S.DOE, Clean Cities Coalitions, and other Odyssey partners in striving for cleaner air and independence from foreign oil
  • Accentuate the role of the NAFTC and its Odyssey partners in supporting the AFV industry
  • Expand the relationships between the NAFTC, U.S.DOE., Clean Cities Coalitions, and other AFV industry players

Support Odyssey events at the national and local levels to ensure that Odyssey will again be the largest one-day event promoting the use of alternative fuels and energy efficient vehicles

    Odyssey’s goals for 2017 include:

  • Enlisting 100 sites across the United States
  • Attracting more than 100,000 attendees
  • Reaching more than 200 million individuals through media outlets
  • Expanding Odyssey’s reach to new audiences to include new organizations and more secondary schools
  • Expanding Odyssey to include events hosted by other “green” focused companies, groups, and organizations